585th Reunion 2005, ORLANDO, FL

Question - Why do we dress up for dinner is usually brought up at each reunion.  Answer - We don't dress up for the dinner.  We dress up for the Memorial Service to honor and pay our respects  for our brothers who were killed in action and those that have since passed.


Another reunion has come to a close.  We had 103 registered members, families and guests. Registered members were from all years.  If I missed anyone's name, give me a shout.

In believing I speak for all those in attendance, I want to give a "Hearty Thank You" to Ken Seymour and all those that pitched in,  to make this reunion such a success.

The only disappointment I can think of, is there was not enough time in the day to spend time with everyone.  I still had a great time and looking forward to Feb 2008


Registered Members In Attendance

Adams, Phillip H. 1966/67 Knedgen, Dale E 1967/68
Alexander, Larry G 1966/67 Krider, Robert W. 1969
Allman, Gary W 1969/70 Lowe, Billy J. 1970/71
Anderson, Raymond C Jr (Sonny) 1971/72 Moody, Roger N 1967/69
Barron, Thomas L 1969/70 Morris, George W 1966/67
Bartholomew, Robert E 1966/67 Munley, Patrick J  1966/67
Benjamin, Thomas H.  1967/68 Parker, Terry L. 1968/69
Bevins, Bruce H. 1968/69 Powers, David Edwin 1971/72
Bryant, Dennis M 1968/69 Roderiques, Rodney J 1966/67
Buesgens, Gregory  A 1968/69 Rose, Kent E 1968/69
Bushnell, Rodger  C 1966/67 Searls, Paul David 1966/67
Combs, Jerry  L. 1966/68 Serena, Robert J 1971/72
Custer, Russell J 1971 Seymour, H. Kenneth 1971
Deets, Matthew A 1970/71 Shiver, Marion E. 1966/67
Dill, John  M. 1970/71 Smith, Michael J. 1971
Garney, Thomas C. (Tom) 1967/70 Stevenson, Myron Eugene 1968/69
Gendreau, Carl G 1971 Stokely, Bruce H 1966/67
George, John (Jack) 1968/69 Straub, Robert  J. 1970/71
Grizzard, Jerry C. 1966/67 Tomasik, Donald  M 1971
Hatfield, Ronnie K 1968/69 Townsend, Jerry A. 1966/67
Henry, Robert W. 1970/71 Twitty, William C (Bill) 1971
Hodges, Lee  Raymond 1968/69 Ulip, Edward  W 1968/69
Honick, Robert L 1971 Vitch, Raymond H. JR 1966/67
Hovaniec, Joseph 1968/69 Wallace, Thomas B. (Tom)  1966/68
Humphreys, Gary A   1966/68 Warren, Joseph  W 1967/68
Kappes, William  Wright (Bill) 1966/67 Williams, Joseph M 1971/72
Kinyon, Gerald  E 1966/67 Williamson, Kent  E 1971


Honorary Unit Members In Attendance



For those of us that are not aware of it, an extra "Thank You"  to John Birmingham (JB),for giving up his time to host our bar during the entire reunion.  And to all the others that helped him.