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1)   Ray Vitch - Dak To - 1967 2)   Man, Get That Camera Out of Here, Vaughan - Dak To 3)   Lining Up For a Dak To Run
4)   Sign Leaving Kontum to Dak To "Road Not Secure" Really? 5)   On the Road to Dak To 6)   Garney, I'd Like to Take That Camera And ?
7)   One of Two Bridges to Dak To Under Water 8)   Would You Believe He is Going Down the Road to Dak To 9)   Choppers Coming In to Refuel in Dak To
10)   The View From Our Tent In Dak To 11)   Airfield In Dak To 12)   Choppers Coming In
13)   NCO Tent In Dak To 14)   Truck Leaving Our Parking Lot Dak To 15)   J.T. Cleaning Up In Dak To
16)   Some Perimeter Huh! 17)   L-R Lefty, Walker, McPheron at Motel 6 in Dak To 18)   Hey! Check Out My Shirt, I Made It Myself, Townsen In Dak To
19)   Our Parking Lot Next to Airfield In Dak To 20)   Dak To Airfield 21)   Mud, Mud, and More Mud
22)   Plane Coming In to Dak To Airfield 23)   299th B Company, Yeah They Have Better Accommodations 24)   NCO Tent At the Best Western
25)   Bob Andrus Fixing a Flat In a Nice Dry Parking Lot 26)   Loading Sand Dak To 27)   Shafer - They Call This Paradise
28)   Bill Kappes - What-Haven't You Ever Seen a Flat Tire Before? 29)   Chow Time- L-R / Tupper, McPheron, Althoff, Davis 30)   L-R/ McPheron, Althoff, Davis, and I Think Clement