Terms used by the Vietnamese

CHAO CO (chow coh)  Hello or Good-bye
CHIEU HOI The name given to Viet Cong or NVA defectors who worked as scouts for the American Army. They were also called "Kit Carsons, The "open arms" program, promising clemency and financial aid to Viet Cong and NVA soldiers and cadres who stopped fighting and returned to South Vietnamese authority
CROC-A-DAO  "Croc-a-dao" which meant "dead" or "kill." Mostly told to Vietnamese people as a threat, as in "I croc-a-dao you.
DI-DI-MAU Go away
AO-DAI A brightly colored silk top worn over loose fitting silk trousers
BUKU (aka boo coo) Many, Large, A Lot
BUTTERFLY GI that went from one girl to another girl
CAM ON (cam oon) Thank you
DOO-MAO-MIE English approximation of the Vietnamese du ma, meaning literally "fuck mother"
LAI DAY  (pronounced "ley dye") Come here
NUMBAH (1-10) One was good, ten was bad, as in "He numbah 1" or "He's number 10 G.I
NUOC MAN: (noouk mom) Vietnamese national dish, fermented fish sauce.
PAPA SAN Any older Vietnamese man
QUAN CANH: (kwuhn kein) (Or QC) Vietnamese military police
TEE-TEE Very small
XIN LOI (Sounds like Sin Loy) Sorry about that