585th Reunion 2014, INDIANAPOLIS,IN

Question - Why do we dress up for dinner is usually brought up at each reunion.  Answer - We don't dress up for the dinner.  We dress up for the Memorial Service to honor and pay our respects  for our brothers who were killed in action and those that have since passed.


Question - What does the registration fee cover - Since we are non-profit (there are no dues), It covers our main meal, our pizza night, all snacks and the bar.  In all fairness it is only right that everyone that attends the reunion and par-takes in the bar, pizza, snacks and dinner, register to cover the cost


Another reunion has come to a close.  We had 86 registered members, families and guests. Registered members were from all years.  Speaking on behalf of all those in attendance, I want to give a "Hearty Thank You" to Gerald Kinyon  and all those that pitched in, to make this reunion such a success.

The only disappointment I can think of, is there is never enough time in the day to spend time with everyone.  I hope all had a great time and are looking forward to 2016.  I know I am.


Registered Members In Attendance

Aldridge Jennings William II 70-71
Alexander Larry G 66-67
Allman Gary W 69-70
Barrett Ronald  L. 68-69
Buesgens Gregory  A 68-69
Cecil William  O 67-68
Clement Breland  J. Sr 66-67
Combs Jerry  L. 66-68
Cook Ronnie E 70-71
Custer Russell J 71-71
Dean Daniel E 66-67
Dill John  M. 70-71
Elliott Richard R III 66-67
Fowler James Lee 66-67
Goen Baylor  B 67-68
Grizzard Jerry C. 66-67
Hatfield  Ron 68-69
Henry Robert W. 70-71
Hovaniec Joseph 68-69
Jackson Samuel Edward 71-71
Jett Macey G. 67-68
Johnson Wayne O 70-71
Kappes William  Wright 66-67
Kinyon  Gerald  E 66-67
Klein Jerome C. (Jerry) 71-72
Knedgen Dale E 67-68
Krieger Thomas Edward 71-72
Kurth Joseph  L. 66-67
Leach Bobby E 70-71
Mani Harley L Sr.   66-67
Mata Elpidio D. 67-68
Mayse Michael Dean 71-72
Morris     George W 66-67
Ondrashek William J. 71-71
Poist James L. 66-67
Roberts Charles L. 69-70
Roderiques Rodney J 66-67
Rose Kent E.   68-69
Searls Paul David 66-67
Seymour H. Kenneth 71-71
Shiver Marion E. 66-67
Smith Billy Ray (Chief) 68-69
Stark Paul E. 67-69
Thomas Gary T    71-71
Tomasik Donald  M 70-71
Townsend Jerry A. 66-67
Ward David M 70-71
Zeiler John H. 68-69
Zutz John L 69-70
Walker Wiley W. *